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Карелия. Вечерний снег. # 8

Н.К.Рерих. Карелия. Вечерний снег. # 8. 1918

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Название Карелия. Вечерний снег. # 8
Год 1918
Материалы, размеры Дерево, масло. 40 х 84.5 см.
Источник Атриб.:Каталог живописи и графики Н.К.Рериха. Сост.В.Бендюрин http://www.roerich-encyclopedia.facets.ru/kartiny.html
Примечание Вариант названия - "Зимний пейзаж (Карелия)". Была путаница с "Карелия (снега). # 15". Картина продана 25.11.2013 на аукционе Sotheby's London

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25 НОЯБРЯ 2013 | 6:00 PM GMT




Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich


Оценка 250,000 — 350,000 GBP

Лот продан 386,500 GBP (Цена продажи с учетом процента покупателя)

Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich



signed with artist's monogram and in Latin and dated 1918 l.l.; further numbered and dated by the artist 8/18, dated and inscribed in Cyrillic Molli Chvat in another hand on the reverse, and numbered 135 and dated on the Salon Strindberg exhibition label on the reverse

oil on panel

40 by 84.5cm, 15 3/4 by 33 1/4 in.


Mr. Khvat, Helsinki

Acquired by the father of the present owners circa 1950


Helsinki, Salon Strindberg, Konstutställning no. 71, 1919


N.Roerich, List of Paintings 1917-1924. MS, Nicholas Roerich Museum Archive, no. 8

N.Roerich, Salon Strindberg, Konstutställning no. 71, Helsinki, 1919, p.8, no.135

F. Grant et al., Roerich, Himalaya, A Monograph, New York: Brentano Publishers, 1926. p. 196


This landscape was most likely painted in early 1918 in Sortavala, where the Roerichs lived after fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution. They had left behind all their possessions, money was quickly running out, and the future was uncertain. Roerich was slowly recovering from a long bout of nearly fatal pneumonia. To a friend he wrote: 'Whatever the trouble, I was finding solace in my work. I was amassing my dreams. What for? For ourselves and for that unknown race who will inherit the remains (in the form of some old painting).' His prolific output in 1918 yielded 117 works, more than half of which are landscapes of Karelia around Lake Ladoga.

The present lot is one of the very few winter scenes from this period. Snow and ice and bare rocks— not a hint of the turmoil in Roerich's personal life or of the madness then engulfing the continent. Bathed in warm evening sunlight, this is a timeless snapshot of peace and beauty - Roerich's haven to be inherited by 'that [future] unknown race'.

On its verso the panel bears the Strindberg Salon label and the surname of the first buyer, 'Khvat'. It is most likely that the painting was purchased from the Salon, because in his handwritten list of paintings Roerich marked the entry no.15 in 1918 - Karelia (snows) - as belonging to Mr. Khvat, Helsingfors (Helsinki). The owner's name was clearly added some time later, therefore we can safely assume that it belongs to the entry no.8 - Karelia. Evening Snow - which number, in Roerich's hand, is inscribed on the back of the present lot. Apparently the similarity of the two titles contributed to the mistake.

We would like to thank Gvido Trepša, Senior Researcher, Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, for providing additional catalogue information.

Salon Strindberg 1919 exhibition label on the reverse of the present lot


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