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Перед ливнем. # 24

Н.К.Рерих. Перед ливнем. # 24. 1918

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Название Перед ливнем. # 24
Год 1918
Материалы, размеры Дерево, масло. 50 х 80 см.
Источник Каталоги аукционов Sotheby's http://www.sothebys.com/
Примечание В книге Яременко "Karelia (1918)".
Картина продана 2.6.2015 на аукционе Sotheby's London под названием "Перед дождем"
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PROVENANCE и др. информация


02 JUNE 2015 | 10:30 AM BST




Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich


Estimate 200,000 — 300,000 GBP

LOT SOLD. 497,000 GBP (Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium)

Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich

1874 - 1947


titled Pered livnem / 7 [8] / L N 81 in the artist's hand and further numbered 112 / 82 on the reverse

oil on wood

50 by 80cm,19 1/2 by 31 1/2 in.


Collection of L.O.Levinsohn-Levin, 1918

Acquired in Paris by the present owner in the 1970s


Stockholm, Gummesons Konsthall., Rörich Separatutställning (Roerich Personal Exhibition), 1918, no.78, Före regnskuren

Copenhagen, Kunsthadel Henry Schou, Rörich Maleriudstilling (Roerich Exhibition of Paintings), 1919 no.78, Før Skybrud

London, The Goupil Gallery, Spells of Russia, 1920, no.112 Before a Shower


Nicholas Roerich, List of Paintings 1917-1924 (manuscript), Nicholas Roerich Museum Archive, no.24 Pered livnem under works for 1918

Zhar Ptitsa, Berlin, 1921, no.4/5, p.24 illustrated b/w

F.Grant et al., Roerich, Himalaya, A Monograph, New York: Brentano, 1926, p.126 listed as Before the Shower (oil), L.O.Levinsohn-Levin

A.Yaremenko, Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich. His Life and Creations during the past forty years: 1889-1929, New York: Central Book Trading Co., 1931, p.35 listed as Before the Shower (oil), L.O. Levinsohn-Levin; illustrated pl.51 as Karelia (1918), Berlin


In the copy of the 1918 Stockholm catalogue held in the Roerich Museum archive in New York, there is a pencil entry by Roerich 2000 - Levin, referring to the price and buyer. It has never before been reproduced in colour and until recently had all but disappeared from view since the 1920 exhibition in London.

Between 1916 and 1918 Roerich and his family were based in Sortavala in Karelia, where for the most part the artist focused on panoramic landscapes, often using plywood as a support for his paintings, the rough surface of which adds texture to the colourful planes of lake and sky. ‘It is at that time’, writes Matochkin, ‘that the artist’s thirst for a profound understanding of the mysteries of a rocky realm became apparent, which later resulted in a pictorial hymn to mountain ranges and peaks. The airy texture of his early pastel canvases gave way to a dense and saturated oil medium with its palette of cold, contrasting tones. A new expressive principle – the painter’s religious conviction – was manifest in the uneven layers of dabs, in the rigid rhythm of cut forms, and in a blaze of colours’ (Y.Matochkin, Nicholas Roerich, 2008, p.207).

We are grateful to Gvido Trepša, Senior Researcher at the Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, for providing additional cataloguing information.

Cover of the 1921 Christmas issue of Zhar-ptitsa

The present lot illustrated in the 1921 Christmas issue of Zhar-ptitsa

Karelia, sold at Sotheby’s London in November 2013


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