"The Roerichs' legacy is so vast that no one, alone or in small groups, can fully explore it. Only by joining together can you fully study it."


From a letter to the editors of the Catalogue


This online catalogue is an attempt to collect the most complete information about the works of art by Nicholas K. and Svyatoslav N. Roerich. In total, the brushes of N.K. Roerich own more than 7000 paintings, and about 5000 paintings were painted by S.N. Roerich. The paintings are in museums, galleries and private collections around the world. Information about them is often fragmented and contradictory.

The purpose of this catalogue is enlightening. We strive for accuracy of information, but we do not consider it the main task of the project. Our goal is to collect and make available information about the works of N.K. and S.N. Roerichs, make them closer and more understandable to people.

«…Read them alive, who have left Earth, and think and feel as if they were not moving away from you anywhere. So it really is. For, if we recognize the life of the spirit and life in the spirit as reality, then death, in the ordinary human understanding of it, loses its meaning and significance…»

(AY Facets, §733).

This project is the result of the work of many people who collected information about the work of Nicholas and Svyatoslav. We thank those who helped and help in the search for materials.

To date, images of more than four thousand seven hundred works of N.K. Roerich and more than a two thousand one hundred works of S.N. Roerich and information about them have been collected. The search does not stop there. The creative group hopes that everyone who has useful information will be connected to this work. Together, bit by bit, we will be able to put everything together!

We ask everyone who has information about the paintings that is not in the catalogue or clarifies to send it to the address


Group of enthusiasts