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Волшебница дождя. # 50

Н.К.Рерих. Волшебница дождя. # 50. 1918

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Атрибуты картины

Название Волшебница дождя. # 50
Год 1918
Где находится Галерея Sphinx Fine Art. Великобритания. Лондон.
Материалы, размеры Дерево, темпера. 73.4 x 73 см.
Источник Атриб.:Каталог живописи и графики Н.К.Рериха. Сост.В.Бендюрин http://www.roerich-encyclopedia.facets.ru/kartiny.html
Примечание Картина создана в Карелии.
Картина продана 24.10.2002 на аукционе Christie's New York и участвовала 2.10.2008 в аукционе Stockholms Auktionsverk, под названием "Всадник утра". На обратной стороне эскиз для Картины "Пречистый град врагам озлобление" (Бумага, карандаш, тушь. 1912).

PROVENANCE и др. информация

Музей Николая Рериха, Нью-Йорк, США, 1923–1935 гг.

Скорее всего Школа Рудольфа Штайнера, Грейт Баррингтон, Массачусетс, США.

Important Silver, Objects of Vertu and Russian Works of Art, Christie’s Нью-Йорк, 24 октября 2002,

лот 29, как Knight of the Morning.

Приобретена нынешним владельцем на вышеуказанном аукционе.

Частная коллекция, Англия.


LOT 29

SALE 1133

Important Silver, Objects of Vertu and Russian Works of Art

New York

24 October 2002


'Knight of the Morning' with sketch on the reverse for the painting 'Fairest City is the Enemie's Vexation'

Price realised

USD 59,750


USD 50,000 - USD 60,000

signed with monogram (lower right)

the obverse, tempera on board, the reverse pencil and ink

29x28¾in. (73.4x73cm.)

Painted in Finland in 1918


New York, Roerich Museum, (1930) n. 28


Knight of the Morning is for the series 'Eternal Knight' and was painted in 1918 in Finland.

The painting 'Fairest City is the Enemie's Vexation' the sketch which appears at the back of the painting was done in 1912. The original painting (its whereabouts unknown today) used to be in the private collection of Helena Roerich. We are grateful to Daniel Entin, director of the Roerich Museum in New York and Gvido Trepsa for providing information on this lot.



160 D - Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich


Knight of the Morning

The reverse with a sketch for the painting Fairest City is the Enemy's Vexation, signed with monogram, tempera on board, the reverse pencil and ink

78,5 x 78,5 cm.


Christie's New York, Important Silver, Objects of Vertu and Works of Art, 24 October 2002, lot 29


New York Roerich Museum, 1930, number 38

Knight of the Morning belongs to the important early cycle series Eternal Knight and was painted in Finland in 1918. The painting Fairest City is the Enemy's Vexation, for which there is a sketch on the reverse of the offered lot, was painted in 1912. The painting used to be in the private Collection of Helena Roerich. Its present whereabouts are unknown.

Roerich was born in St. Petersburg. He studied at the Higher Arts College which was attached to the Imperial Academy, and then in the Paris studio of F. Cormon from 1900-1901. Roerich trained as an archaeologist and gave lectures at the Archaeological Institute in St. Petersburg. He was a member of the World of Art movement from 1910. Roerich became increasingly attracted to mysticism and theosophy and toured America between 1920-23 with his pictures, enjoying great success. Roerich travelled extensively, visiting India and Central Asia in 1923 and Altai, Mongolia and Tibet in 1926. He finally settled in the Kulu valley in India, where he directed an institute of Himalayan research, and where he died.

Inspired by simplicity of the remote past, he sought to resurrect a primeval landscape, a time when the world was still young, and full of holiness and heroism.

Utrop: SEK 2 400 000-2 500 000 (EUR 270 000-270 000)



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